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Instructions for submitting final copy for the CHI2006 Proceedings (Papers and Notes)

Note: if you are submitting a panel, experience report, interactivity, HCI overview, workshop, work in progress, doctoral consortium, student design competition, SIG or anything other than a Paper or Note, you are in the wrong place. Please go here.

You have two distinct tasks. You have not successfully submitted till both are done:
  1. You must upload the file (Word, OpenOffice, or LaTex) that contains your paper, a pdf version of your file, any video figure that has been accepted, a description of the changes you have made to the paper, and some identifying information.
  2. You must complete a copyright transfer form.
All materials are due on 16 January 2006. If you do not submit by that date, you risk not having your paper published in the proceedings and on the conference CD, and the possibility that you may not be permitted to present your work at the conference.

Your Paper/Note is submitted to the PCS system so that the Associate Chair for your paper can review the changes you have made and ensure that they address the issues raised by the reviewers.

Note: If you follow these instructions carefully, you will only need to upload your paper once, and then things will flow smoothly without further effort on your part. If you make even a small mistake, the publisher will have to work with you to correct it. This involves re-uploading to the publisher's site and will require a lot of extra work on your part (unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we are unable to use the PCS system for publisher updates). Save yourself extra work – read these instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.

To submit your paper:

  1. Before you start, collect/create the following information:
    1. The information you will be expected to enter in the form:
      • The correctly spelled names, email addreses, affiliations, and location (city, state, and country) of all authors
      • The final title of the paper
      • The abstract for the paper (you will paste this into the form)
      • The references for the paper (again, you will paste this into the form)
    2. A set of keywords for your paper. See below at Instructions for Creating the Final Submission for details.
    3. The final version of your paper in Word, OpenOffice or LaTex. See instructions below at Instructions for Creating the Final Submission for details on how this should be formatted, including the copyright notice. This is known as the source file.
    4. From your source file, produce a final submission file in PDF. We recommend using print or high-resolution settings when distilling your pdf. View the output file and make sure it is correct, including:
      • There should be no bad page or column breaks, meaning no widows (last line of a paragraph at the top of a column). If this happens either tighten the previous column or force a line over.
      • Section and Sub-section heads should remain with at least 2 lines of body text when near the end of a page or column.
      • The total length must remain at 10 pages or less for papers or 4 pages or less for CHI Notes.
      • You must not have an extra blank page at the end of your submission.
      • Check that all captions are on the same page and column as their associated figure/table and are directly below the relevant figure or table.
      Note: Papers that violate any of the above rules will be returned to the author for corrections. If changes to adjust page breaks increase the length of the paper over the stated page limit, you must adjust the text of the paper until it meets all the constraints
    5. Be sure that the fonts you have used are embedded in your pdf file.
    6. If you have a video figure, make sure it is in an acceptable format (see Guide to Successful CHI Video Submissions)
    7. Write up a description of the changes you have made to the paper since it was reviewed. You will copy this into a text input block on the upload form. This will be read by the associate chair to determine whether and how you have addressed the reviewers' comments.

    Instructions for Creating the Final Submission
    1. If you are submitting a full paper, the length must be no more than 10 pages; if you are submitting a CHI Note, the length must be no more than 4 pages. This includes everything – figures, references, acknowledgements.
    2. The paper must be in the Conference Proceedings Format
    3. Be sure to include the names and affiliations of all authors and add back in anything else you removed when anonymizing the paper.
    4. You must add the ACM copyright notice in the lower left corner of the first page. See the Conference Proceedings Template for an example.
      • You can find the ACM copyright notice here.
      • Select the text in the page that comes up, copy it, and paste it into the lower left corner of the first page of your source document. It should appear in Times Roman or Times New Roman, 8 pt., with the conference name (CHI 2006) in italic.
    5. You must add a set of keywords to your source file, directly after the abstract. These are terms people might use in a search for papers similar to yours. We suggest 2-5 keywords or short (2-3 word) phrases. The relevant section of the resulting source file will look like:

      Body of Abstract

      Author Keywords
      keyword 1, keyword 2.

      Note: you will need these same keywords to enter in the form when you submit your paper. Please keep them at hand.
    6. The title of your submission must be Title Case; that is:
      • The first letter of each main word should be capitalized.
      • The first word should be capitalized.
      • Acronyms should remain in all-caps.
      • Mixed-case names should remain in their normal mixed case.
      • Examples:
        "On Using GOMS in Non-Traditional Settings"
        "Evaluating the eXceed X Server"
    7. Check that your tables and figures conform to the following rules:
      • Make sure that your figures/tables and their captions have been grouped together (using the grouping command in your document creation software) so that they do not get separated when the pdf is created.
      • We recommend for quality reproduction of rules in your graphs, tables or charts, that the rules are at least a 0.5 pt. and black. Finer lines and points than this will not reproduce well, even if you can see them on your laser printed hardcopy when checked -- bear in mind that your laser printers have a far lower resolution than the imagesetters that will be used.
      • If your figure uses custom or any non-standard font, the characters may appear differently when printed in the proceedings. Remember to check your figure creation that all fonts are embedded or included in the figure correctly.
      • If a figure or image is assembled from multiple images, the images must be embedded, layers flattened or grouped together properly in the file, not lined.
    8. If you have color figures, please be aware your figures will be printed in grayscale in the proceedings. Your images will appear in color on your electronic submissions and in the ACM digital library. Therefore:
      • We suggest you test printing your paper to a black/white printer to be sure that the tones, screening, and images reproduce well in black and white.
      • We recommend images be at least 300 or 600 dpi for quality reproduction.
    9. Be sure to format your document for US Letter (8.5x11 inches)
    10. Special instructions for LaTex users are to be found here

  2. When you have all the above material in the correct format (save yourself time by double checking), you should go to http://precisionconference.com/~sigchi to upload your files.

    1. Log on to http://precisionconference.com/~sigchi
    2. Go to your "submissions in progress" page.
    3. Click on "Submit the final version".
    4. Fill out the form and include your PDF file as the submission and your other files in the order requested.
    5. Click on the Submit button.
    6. Wait for the confirmation page. Follow the instructions on that page to verify that your final version has been uploaded correctly.

  3. The Associate Chair for your submission will review the submission to ensure that you have addressed the issues raised by the reviewers. If there are issues remaining, you may be asked to resubmit with additional changes.

YOU AREN'T DONE YET. You must also submit the copyright form.

To submit your copyright form:
  1. Download, print, and sign the ACM Copyright form at http://www.acm.org/pubs/copyright_form2sheridan.html. You should be able to right click on this link and select "Save As..." in your browser. If not, clicking on the link will open a new window and you may select "Print" from your browser's menu.
    Note that the copyright form is in color but you may submit a black and white printed version.
  2. The title, authors and publication name must be filled in at the top of the form. It must be signed at the bottom. Be sure that your title on the form matches the title on your submission, or a new form will be requested. Only one form is needed with the contact author's original signature.
  3. If you work for the US or Canadian government or for a company that has a special arrangement with ACM/SIGCHI then you should get the required form from your employer. If you are not certain whether this applies to you, please fill out the regular copyright form and we will check for you once the form is received.
  4. The form must be received (not just postmarked) on or before 30 January 2006.
  5. Send your form to:
    Sheridan Printing Co.
    Attn: Lisa M. Tolles (CHI'06)
    1425 Third Ave.
    Alpha, NJ 08865 USA
Faxes are accepted now by ACM as well. You can fax to any of the three following numbers:
1-908-213-3285, 1-908-454-2554, or 1-908-454-0179

Special Instructions for LaTex users:
  1. Use the following class file (it has been updated since you originally submitted): chi2006proceedings.cls. It includes the copyright notice.
  2. Please use Type 1 fonts; for help see: http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/sigfaq.htm#a14. If you still have difficulty check with your system administrator.
  3. As your source file, please include all text, including references from the .bbl file, into one complete .tex document. You do not need to include your figures in this file or as separate files.
  4. Be sure to format your document for US Letter (8.5x11 inches) and for not more than 10 pages long