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HCI Overviews

HCI Overviews describe HCI work in university, corporate, or government research groups or institutions; product development or consultancy organizations; countries or geographical regions; or funding agencies. We especially encourage submissions around collaborative efforts involving several groups or organizations, partnerships of different types of groups, or groups cooperating across geographical, political, or cultural boundaries. The emphasis is on the circumstances under which work is done, the underlying goals, policies, and organizational background, and perspectives of past, present, and future HCI efforts. Of interest is the big picture: how did a group come into being; how do the participants influence each other as well as other groups with whom they are affiliated; the group's plans and visions for the future; and the basis for these plans. HCI Overviews thus stand in contrast to presentations, which spotlight one or two technically or scientifically interesting results.

HCI Overviews can be submitted to any of the six communities: Design, Education, Engineering, Management, Research, and Usability. Cross community submissions are encouraged; select one of the relevant communities to submit to and in your cover letter explain what other communities your proposal relates to. The proposal will be reviewed by members of all relevant communities.

Format of Submissions
Prepare a four-page camera-ready extended abstract of the HCI Overview. It must be in the Conference Extended Abstracts Publication Format and should be submitted electronically as a PDF file. The extended abstract should include:
  • HCI domains addressed.
  • Focus, themes, major processes, organizational setting, history, and future plans.
  • People involved (for example, number and backgrounds).
  • Specific projects and/or special approaches.
  • Key publications, products, or other results.
The file should be named lastname_overview.pdf, where lastname is the family name of the contact person.

Confidentiality of Submissions
Confidentiality of submissions is maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference, 22 April 2006. Submissions should contain no information or materials that are proprietary at publication time.

Review Criteria
Submissions will be reviewed independently by a multidisciplinary group drawn from the relevant community(ies). Reviews will consider the level of interest that members of the CHI community will have in the work, the extent to which the overview informs the CHI community of current HCI activity worldwide, the ways in which future HCI innovations are envisaged, and the Overview's potential for stimulating cooperation and collaboration within the HCI community.

At the Conference
Participants will present their overview in a scheduled session. Please see Standard Technical Support for information about the kind of technical and A/V support that will be provided by the conference.

HCI Overview Submission Checklist
  • Read all the above material.
  • Prepare a four-page extended abstract as a PDF file in the Conference Extended Abstracts Publication Format that includes all the appropriate information as outlined in the Format of Submissions section above. Name the file lastname_overview.pdf, where lastname is the family name of the contact person. Make sure that your file is no larger than 5 Mbytes, or it may be rejected by the conference email server. Test the PDF file to make sure it prints correctly.
  • Submit to the primary community the Overview targets (be sure to mention in your cover message other communities you are targeting who should also review this submission). See the List of Community Submission Addresses for the appropriate email address to submit to. The PDF file must be received by the appropriate community chair no later than 14 October 2005, 5:00 PM (1700) PST.