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Nominees for Best Paper Award, 2005

These papers were nominated for a CHI Best Paper Award. They are provided as examples of papers that clearly meet the CHI papers review criteria.

Ahlstroem, DavidModeling and Improving Selection in Cascading Pull-Down Menus Using Fitts' Law, the Steering Law and Force Fields
Aoki, Paul M. and Woodruff, AllisonMaking Space for Stories: Ambiguity in the Design of Personal Communication Systems
Baudisch, Patrick; Cutrell, Edward; Hinckley, Ken; and Eversole Adam Snap-and-Go: Helping Users Align Objects without the Modality of Traditional Snapping
Carroll, John; Rosson, Mary Beth; and Zhou, Jingying Cognitive Efficacy as a Measure of Community
Carter, Scott and Mankoff, Jennifer When Participants Do the Capturing: The Role of Media in Diary Studies
Cockburn, Andy; Savage, Joshua; and Wallace, Andrew Tuning and Testing Scrolling Interfaces that Automatically Zoom
Consolvo, Sunny; Smith, Ian E.; Matthews, Tara; LaMarca, Anthony; Tabert, Jason; and Powledge, Pauline Location Disclosure to Social Relations: Why, When, & What People Want to Share
Fogarty, James; Ko, Andrew J.; Aung, Htet Htet; Golden, Elspeth; Tang, Karen P.; and Hudson, Scott E. Examining Task Engagement in Sensor-Based Statistical Models of Human Interruptibility
Grossman, Tovi and Balakrishnan, Ravin The Bubble Cursor: Enhancing Target Acquisition by Dynamic Resizing of the Cursor's Activation Area
Hornbaek, Kasper and Frokjaer, Erik Comparing Usability Problems and Redesign Proposals as Input to Practical Systems Development
Iqbal, Shamsi; Adamczyk, Piotr; Zheng, Sam; and Bailey, Brian Towards an Index of Opportunity: Understanding Changes in Mental Workload During Task Execution
Johnson, Christopher W. Applying the Lessons of the Attack on the World Trade Center, 11th September, 2001, to the Design and Use of Interactive Evacuation Simulations
Karlson, Amy K.; Bederson, Benjamin B.; SanGiovanni, John AppLens and LaunchTile: Two Designs for One-Handed Thumb Use on Small Devices
Oviatt, Sharon; Lunsford, Rebecca; and Coulston, Rachel Individual Differences in Multimodal Integration Patterns: What Are They and Why Do They Exist?
Reeves, Stuart; Benford, Steve; O'Malley, Clare; and Fraser, Mike Designing the Spectator Experience
Sadasvian, Sajay; Greenstein, Joel; Duchowski, Andrew; and Gramopadhye, Anand Use of Eye Movements as Feedforward Training for a Synthetic Aircraft Inspection Task
Taylor, Alex S. and Swan, Laurel Artful Systems in the Home
Tollinger, Irene; Lewis, Richard; McCurdy, Michael; Tollinger, Preston; Vera, Alonso; Howes, Andrew; and Palton, Laura Supporting Efficient Development of Cognitive Models at Multiple Skill Levels: Exploring Recent Advances in Constraint-Based Modeling
Voida, Amy; Grinter, Rebecca; Ducheneaut, Nicolas; Edwards, W. Keith; and Newman, Mark W. Listening In: Practices Surrounding iTunes Music Sharing
Wu, Mike; Baecker, Ron; and Richards, Brian Participatory Design of an Orientation Aid for Amnesics