27 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00
Plenary Session

Closing Plenary Session

Digital Comics: An Art Form in Transition
In the last 20 years, comics in its printed incarnation has struggled toward maturity through "graphic novels". Now, that same art form is entering a new infancy on the Web and other digital venues, raising fundamental questions about the reading experience, the functions of storytelling media in society, how art forms adapt to dominant technologies and the role of space in information design. Cartoonist and author Scott McCloud explores these and other questions in a fast-moving visual presentation. Author Bio: Scott McCloud has been writing and drawing independent comic books since 1984. His book Understanding Comics was a New York Times Notable book for 1994, is available in 15 languages. McCloud has lectured on comics and digital media at Harvard University, Pixar Animation Studios, Microsoft and The Smithsonian Institution. His 5-Day Seminar in making comics was most recently held at MIT. McCloud's online comics can be found at scottmccloud.com
Scott McCloud

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