27 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

"It's about the information, stupid!", Why We Need a Separate Field of Human-Information Interaction

The past few years have seen increasing discussion of the need for - even the inevitability of - a field of human-information interaction (HII). The "I" in HII implies a focus on information and not computing technology. The panel is structured to encourage an exploration of both pros and cons in favor of a separate field of HII. Panelists provide a diversity of perspectives from several different disciplines and research traditions including cognitive modeling and the study of human cognition, information science, information architecture, personal information management, ethnography and anthropology.
William Jones
Peter Pirolli
Stuart K. Card
Raya Fidel
Nahum Gershon
Peter Morville
Bonnie Nardi
Daniel M. Russell

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