27 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Computer-Mediated Communication

Paper GCT: Use of a Synchronous Broadcast Messaging System [Best of CHI Nominee]
An empirical characterization of the use of a novel broadcast messaging system in a large organization. Such characterizations are an essential part of the research base for CMC and CSCW.
Justin D. Weisz
Thomas Erickson
Wendy A. Kellogg

Paper The Impact of Delayed Visual Feedback on Collaborative Performance [Best of CHI Nominee]
This work provides a detailed description of how pairs deal with visual delay in collaborative environments. The results inform the future development and deployment of such technologies.
Darren Gergle
Robert E. Kraut
Susan R. Fussell

Paper Collocation blindness in partially distributed teams: Is there a downside in being collocated?
Collocation, or working in one location, usually benefits work teams. But our recent experiments shows circumstances where 'collocation blindness' makes people ignore the outside world, to their detriment.
Nathan Bos
Judith Olson
Ning Nan
N Sadat Shami
Susannah Hoch

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