27 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Usability Methods

Paper Breaking the Fidelity Barrier: An Examination of our Current Characterization of Prototypes
This paper presents a method for characterizing prototypes and an example prototype constructed using this method. Applying this method can yield more focused prototype development and better return on investment.
Michael McCurdy
Christopher Connors
Guy Pyrzak
Bob Kanefsky
Alonso Vera

Paper Getting the Right Design and the Design Right: Testing Many is Better Than One
Experiment demonstrates the impact of evaluating three meaningfully distinct designs in one usability session, rather than just one. Brings process in line with design practice and provides more accurate results.
Maryam Tohidi
William Buxton
Ronald Baecker
Abigail Sellen

Paper The Validity of the Retrospective Think-Aloud Method
Provides evidence that retrospective think aloud (RTA) method provides valid and reliable information about users' performance. Supports the use of RTA to assess and identify usability issues.
Zhiwei Guan
Shirley Lee
Elisabeth Cuddihy
Judith Ramey

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