25 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

It's a Small World After All

More Than Meets the Eye: A Qualitative Study of Context Photography
Presents a user study of a novel camera application, in which contextual movement and sound visually affect the picture. Shows how photography can be extended beyond the analogue metaphor.
Maria Håkansson
Sara Ljungblad
Lalya Gaye
Lars Erik Holmquist

TinyMotion: Camera Phone Based Interaction Methods
This paper presents TinyMotion, a pure software approach that detects the movements of cellphones in real time by analyzing image sequences captured by the built-in camera.
Jingtao Wang
John Canny

Piles Across Space, Breaking the Real Estate Barrier on PDAs
We present our design and implementation of the Piles Across Space system. This facility breaks through the screen real-estate barrier that PDAs impose on their applications.
QianYing Wang
Tony Tsieh
Andreas Paepcke

Z-agon: The Envisioned Design of Multimedia Computer in A 2.5 inched Tangible
Based on research of user needs and user interaction, a cubic multi-display device named Z-agon was envisioned as a packaged design of the hardware, tangible interface and contents.
Takashi Matsumoto
Daisuke Horiguchi
Naohito Okude
Shihori Nakashima
Junya Ueda

CarCOACH: A Driving Tutor for the Road
Experiment evaluating an in-vehicle driving advisor using controlled feedback and continuous feedback (positive and negative). Can assist designers in deciding what type of feedback works best for guidance systems.
Ernesto Arroyo
Ted Selker
Shawn Sullivan

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