24 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Privacy 1

Paper Evaluating Interfaces for Privacy Policy Rule Authoring [Best of CHI Nominee]
Presents design and evaluation of privacy policy rule authoring approaches in field and laboratory settings. Presents empirical work done in support of the design of privacy enabling technology.
Clare-Marie Karat
Carloyn Brodie
John Karat
Jinjuan Feng

Paper Putting People in their Place: An Anonymous and Privacy-Sensitive Approach to Collecting Sensed Data in Location-Based Applications
Presents a privacy risk analysis of hitchhiking, a new approach to end-user privacy in location-based applications. Hitchhiking is location-centric, using mobile devices to collect sensed information from locations people visit.
Karen Tang
James Fogarty
Pedram Keyani
Jason Hong

Note Advancing Ambiguity
Examines the use of ambiguity as a resource for personal communication systems by overturning primary assumptions. Proposes guidelines for designers and evaluators in reconceptualizing ambiguity in everyday interactions.
Kirsten Boehner
Jeffrey T. Hancock

Note Girls, Technology and Privacy: "Is my mother listening?"
Describes the results of research with teenage girls to understand privacy practices supported by technology. Provides example of the use of photoblogs as a tool for gathering research data.
Wendy March
Constance Fleuriot

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