27 April 2006
9:00 - 10:30

Selecting and Tracking

Paper Face-Tracking as an Augmented Input in Video Games: Enhancing Presence, Role-playing and Control
We designed and implemented two game prototypes, applying face/head information to different user experiences. These prototypes were based on analysis from prior camera-based games, and face tracking technology.
Shuo Wang
Xiaocao Xiong
Yan Xu

Note Direct Pointer: Direct Manipulation for Large-Display Interaction using Handheld Cameras
Introduces and evaluates a new pointing technique for large (possibly multi-user) displays using input from a hand-held camera. Provides designers with a method with reduced hardware requirements and UI modifications.
Hao Jiang
Eyal Ofek
Neema Moraveji
Yuanchun Shi

Note Interacting with Communication Appliances: An evaluation of two computer vision-based selection techniques
Experimentally compares two computer-vision based selection techniques (object-tracking, motion-sensing). Suggests that designers should consider object-tracking as well as (the widely-accepted) motion-sensing.
Wendy Mackay
Jacob Eisenstein

Paper Attention Funnel: Omnidirectional 3D Cursor for Mobile Augmented Reality Platforms
Research contributes unique mobile AR interface technique. General and broad applicability. Guides attention via any location-aware interface including cell phones. Controlled experiment validates improved user performance on search time, consistency, and mental workload.
Frank Biocca
Arthur Tang
Charles Owen
Fan Xiao

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