27 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00
Experience Reports

User-Centered Design for Learning and Education

Evaluating Web Lectures as an Alternative Approach to Education: A Case Study from HCI
Presents a novel use of educational technology, and a longitudinal study demonstrating its effectiveness for HCI education. Illustrates use of HCI methodology for educational technology design and evaluation.
Jason Day
James Foley

Case study of Service-Learning for HCI: Practical guidelines for successful integration
Presents an approach to incorporating service learning into undergraduate human-computer interaction teaching. Provides practical guidance for using service learning in regularly-taught, large courses.
Jennifer Mankoff

HCI Techniques from Idea to Deployment: A Case Study for a Dynamic Learning Environment
The authors describe HCI techniques employed for iterative design and evaluation of a "Dynamic Learning Environment," now in use at IBM, that extends XML standards for digital content (the IEEE Learning Object Metadata Standard).
John C. Thomas
Robert Farrell

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