27 April 2006
9:00 - 10:30


Paper A Model Based Approach to Interaction Improvement: a comparision of selection times in three menu systems
Based on an analysis of low level GUI interaction models, a cursor warping technique to facilitate selection tasks in cascading-pull-down menus is described. The technique can significantly reduce menu-selection times.
David Ahlstroem
Rainer Alexandrowicz
Martin Hitz

Paper Zone and Polygon Menus: Using Relative Position to Increase the Breadth of Multi-Stroke Marking Menus
New multi-stroke marking menu designs that consider relative position of strokes to increase menu breadth by 2x or more. User studies show new techniques outperform purely orientation-based menus.
Shengdong Zhao
Maneesh Agrawala
Ken Hinckley

Paper Measuring the Difficulty of Steering Through Corners
Laboratory experiments extend the steering law to negotiating corners. Analysis and models predict the difficulties and illustrate design improvements for menus hierarchies and gestures.
Robert Pastel

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