27 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Beliefs and Affect

Paper Can a virtual cat persuade you? The role of gender and realism in speaker persuasiveness
Presents findings revealing how virtual characters are as persuasive as real people and that cross-gender interactions transfer to virtual speakers. Explains how virtual characters can be exploited for persuasive interfaces.
Catherine Zanbaka
Paula Goolkasian
Larry Hodges

Paper The Sensual Evaluation Instrument: Developing an Affective Evaluation Tool [Best of CHI Nominee]
Describes an instrument for collecting real-time self-assessment of affect. Portable, may work across cultures, offers consistency and flexibility. Can help elicit emotional feedback quickly and easily during the design process.
Katherine Isbister
Kristina Höök
Michael Sharp
Jarmo Laaksolahti

Note Listening to your inner voices: Facilitating reaction through comprehensive voice notifications
Reports on an user study of the notification qualities of voice and the development and deployment of a system exploiting the results. Suggests that voice familiarity is a useful property for notification.
Saurabh Bhatia
Scott McCrickard

Note Adaptive Language Behavior in HCI: How Expectations and Beliefs about a System Affect Users' Word Choice
Experimentally demonstrates that users adapt language behaviors depending on beliefs about the sophistication of a system. Suggests that designers should attend to relevant 'non-functional' system characteristics.
Jamie Pearson
Jiang Hu
Martin Pickering
Holly Branigan
Clifford Nass

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