27 April 2006
9:00 - 10:30

Social Computing 2

Paper Using Intelligent Task Routing and Contribution Review to Help Communities Build Artifacts of Lasting Value
We provide researchers and designers with experimentally-supported algorithms and models for influencing and reasoning about contributions to lasting artifacts of value created and maintained by online communities.
Dan Cosley
Dan Frankowski
Loren Terveen
John Riedl

Paper groupTime: Preference Based Group Scheduling
Introduces a user interface that combines machine learning and direct manipulation for lightweight group scheduling, exploiting social pressure while preserving plausible deniability. Describes design implications for similar intelligent user interfaces.
Mike Brzozowski
Kendra Carattini
Patrick Mihelich
Scott R. Klemmer
Jiang Hu
Andrew Y. Ng

Paper Accounting for Taste: Using Profile Similarity to Improve Recommender Systems
This paper presents insights into user decision-making strategies in online environments. It uses this as a basis to suggest how the utility and usability of recommender systems can be improved.
Philip Bonhard
Clare Harries
Angela Sasse

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