27 April 2006
9:00 - 10:30

Novel Methods: Emotions, Gestures, Events

Paper Event-Contingent Experience Sampling To Evaluate Ubicomp Technology In The Real World [Best of CHI Nominee]
Presents an event-contingent experience sampling technique to gather situated opinions on technology with reference to real-life situations. The technique can improve the design of mobile and ubiquitous computing applications.
Giovanni Iachello
Khai Truong
Gregory Abowd
Gillian Hayes
Molly Stevens

Note Design and Experimental Analysis of Continuous Location Tracking Techniques for Wizard of Oz Testing
Describes and evaluates two new gesture-based techniques for continuously tracking a moving object by hand, for use in Wizard of Oz studies of location-aware systems. Study shows an improvement in terms of task load.
Yang Li
Evan Welbourne
James Landay

Note Emotion Measurement during Interactive Experiences: Boys at Video Game Play
Describes the use of facial EMG as a measure of positive and negative emotion during interactive computer games. These methods appear useful for associating the player's emotion with game events, and could be applied to HCI in general.
Richard Hazlett

Paper A Continuous and Objective Evaluation of Emotional Experience with Interactive Play Environments
We present a method for modeling emotion, based on physiology, for ludic experience. Our modeled emotions are quantitative and objective; have a high evaluative bandwidth; and correspond to reported emotion.
Regan Mandryk
M. Stella Atkins
Kori Inkpen

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