27 April 2006
9:00 - 10:30
Experience Reports

Creative User Experience Methods

Developing User Interface Guidelines for DVD Menus
Watching DVDs can be frustrating because their menus are complex and difficult to navigate. The authors present guidelines for designing usable DVD menus and a general methodology for developing user-interface guidelines.
Karin Kappel
Martin Tomitsch
Thomas Koltringer
Thomas Grechenig

Understanding Users in Consumer Electronics Experience Design
The authors describe user research methodologies Samsung Electronics applies to experience design--ethnographic in-home interviews for understanding user requirements, subjective design preference measurements, and a new approach to stimulated recall in usability testing.
Joonhwan Kim
Sanghee Lee
SungWoo Kim

Scaling the Card Sort Method to Over 500 Items: Restructuring the Google AdWords Help Center
The authors describe adapting card-sorting methodology to redesign the information architecture of the Google AdWords Help Center. The process can be applied to other large information sets where traditional card sorting is impractical.
Yelena Nakhimovsky
Rudy Schusteritsch
Kerry Rodden

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