26 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Visualization 2

Paper Visualizing email content: Portraying relationships from conversational histories
Presents a visualization of email content. Discusses different interaction modes that emerged in user study: exploration of overall trends and detail-oriented investigation. Can help improve user interaction with email archives.
Fernanda Viégas
Scott Golder
Judith Donath

Paper Clipping Lists and Change Borders: Improving Multitasking Efficiency with Peripheral Information Design
We compare abstraction techniques in peripheral interfaces to determine their effects on task flow, resumption timing, and reacquisition in multitasking situations. Our empirical results will help guide future peripheral design.
Tara Matthews
Mary Czerwinski
George Robertson
Desney Tan

Paper A Fisheye Followup: Further Reflections on Focus + Context
Further understanding for creating small interfaces to large information worlds, includes unification of several visual techniques, discussion of non-visual fisheye-views, and models for why these kinds of presentations are valuable.
George Furnas

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