26 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Collecting and Editing Photos

Paper Understanding Photowork
Field study of how users work with their home photo collections. Offers implications for software design and a descriptive framework of realistic tasks against which new tools can be assessed.
David Kirk
Abigail Sellen
Carsten Rother
Ken Wood

Paper Gaze-Based Interaction for Semi-Automatic Photo Cropping
Presents a gaze-based interface allowing photo cropping with no explicit user effort. Includes an algorithm for identifying important photo content that should be broadly useful in gaze-based interaction with photographs.
Anthony Santella
Maneesh Agrawala
Doug DeCarlo
David Salesin
Michael Cohen

Paper Tabletop Sharing of Digital Photographs for the Elderly
Usability studies of digital photograph sharing interfaces for the demographic with the most life experience to share-- the elderly-- has been neglected. We contribute a novel interface and study.
Trent Apted
Judy Kay
Aaron Quigley

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