26 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Online Communities

Note Insert Movie Reference Here: A System to Bridge Conversation and Item-Oriented Web Sites
Describes and evaluates a system that identifies discussion forum movie references to link forums with recommender systems. Suggests a design tradeoff between content augmentation and inter-site navigation.
Sara Drenner
Maxwell Harper
Dan Frankowski
John Riedl
Loren Terveen

Note Motivating Participation by Displaying the Value of Contribution
Describes an experimental study of under-contribution in online communities. Suggests that designers can motivate contributions by giving end-users feedback about its value to others.
Al Rashid
Kimberly Ling
Robert Kraut
John Riedl

Paper Talk to Me: Foundations for Successful Individual-Group Interactions in Online Communities
Longitudinal archival study of newsgroup messages identifying individual, content, and context factors that influence community responsiveness and individual commitment. Results can assist developers building tools to enhance community interactions.
Jaime Arguello
Brian S. Butler
Lisa Joyce
Robert Kraut
Kimberly S. Ling
Xiaoqing Wang

Paper Routine Patterns of Internet Use & Psychological Well-being: A Complex Interaction [Best of CHI Nominee]
this paper examines a complex interaction between habitual technology use behaviors and psychological well-being, extending research and raising new questions
Irina Shklovski
Robert Kraut
Jonathon Cummings

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