26 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00


Paper Investigating Health Management Practices of Individuals with Diabetes [Best of CHI Nominee]
The paper presents analysis of diabetes self-management practices using qualitative interviews, an observational study and a technology probe. We draw implications for the design of health monitoring applications.
Lena Mamykina
Elizabeth D. Mynatt
David R. Kaufman

Paper Tensions in Designing Capture Technologies for an Evidence-Based Care Community
An analysis of privacy, surveillance, and awareness concerns with regard to evidence-based healthcare and education. The design of socially appropriate capture technologies for the community of stakeholders in this domain.
Gillian R. Hayes
Gregory D. Abowd

Note Pride and Prejudice: Learning How Chronically Ill People Think about Food
Presents a formative study exploring how chronically ill people organize food and read nutrition indicator icons. Can assist researchers develop nutrition applications and motivate participant usage for patient populations.
Katie Siek
Kay Connelly
Yvonne Rogers

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