26 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Awareness and Presence

Paper From Awareness to Connectedness: The Design and Deployment of Presence Displays
Describes user-centered process for designing awareness displays and evaluation demonstrating these displays improve sense of awareness and connectedness. Assists display designers in building displays that effectively support awareness and connectedness.
Anind Dey
Ed de Guzman

Note Negotiating Presence-in-Absence: Contact, Content and Context
Develops an analytic framework integrating previous HCI findings on intimate communication and illustrates it with a case study. Offers a design space for social presence systems.
Steve Howard
Jesper Kjeldskov
Mikael Skov
Kasper Garnæs
Olga Grünberger

Note Using Linguistic Features to Measure Presence in Computer-Mediated Communication
Presents a new technique for measuring presence in computer-mediated communication using linguistic features of dialogues. Provides an easy-to-use method for assessing the effects of communications technologies on presence.
Adam Kramer
Lui Min Oh
Susan Fussell

Paper The Paradox of the Assisted User: Guidance can be Counterproductive
This paper contributes to the empirical and cognitive foundation of principles underlying human computer interaction. It shows that guidance in interfaces by externalizing information does not always yield better performance.
Christof van Nimwegen
Burgos Daniel
Herre van Oostendorp
Hermi Schijf

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