27 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00


Paper Feeling what you hear: tactile feedback for navigation of audio graphs
Presents guidelines and a prototype evaluation using tactile feedback to support point-and-click interaction for data access by sight impaired users. Can assist in developing accessible mulitmodal interfaces.
Steven Wall
Stephen Brewster

Paper Remote Usability Evaluations With Disabled People [Best of CHI Nominee]
Two case studies describing the use of remote evaluation techniques with disabled participants. Can assist in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using remote techniques with disabled users.
Helen Petrie
Fraser Hamilton
Neil King
Pete Pavan

Paper Desperately Seeking Simplicity: How Families with Young Adults with Cognitive Disabilities Adopt Assistive Technologies [Best of CHI Nominee]
Case studies describing how families with individuals with cognitive disabilities adopt and incorporate assistive technologies. Illuminates the complexity of the adoption process and presents clear recommendations for assistive technology designers.
Melissa Dawe

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