26 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Everyday Use of Mobiles

Paper Everyday Practices with Mobile Video Telephony
The paper presents a study of everyday use of mobile video telephony. Real use episodes highlight key motivations underlying video calling and the social and practical barriers that hinder it.
Kenton O'Hara
Alison Black
Matthew Lipson

Note Sashay: Designing for Wonderment
Presents a cultural perspective on locative media, and descriptions of two projects that intervene in the urban landscape. Provides a strong rethinking of methods and goals for designing systems in urban context.
Eric Paulos
Chris Beckmann

Note urbanhermes: social signaling with electronic fashion
Describes a prototype "communicative accessory",' a brief user study and the underlying conceptual framework for social signaling. Draws insights for the design of "fashion signaling" systems.
Christine Liu
Judith Donath

Paper Because I Carry My Cell Phone Anyway: Effective Everyday Task Management
Develops a novel location-based reminder system. Demonstrates its utility for everyday task management and identifies a rich model for effective location-based information delivery.
Pamela Ludford
Dan Frankowski
Ken Reily
Loren Terveen

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