26 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00


Paper Effectiveness of Annotating by Hand for non-Alphabetical Languages
Describes a quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of hand-written annotations during a note-taking task in Japanese. Can assist in developing better annotation systems for non-alphabetical languages such in East Asian countries.
Dzulkhiflee Hamzah
Shun'ichi Tano
Mitsuru Iwata
Tomonori Hashiyama

Paper Speech Pen: Predictive Handwriting based on Ambient Multimodal Recognition
Shows that handwriting with prediction can be useful in Japanese, and presents a prototype system using speech and handwriting recognition. Can make digital writing faster and more efficient.
Kazutaka Kurihara
Masataka Goto
Jun Ogata
Takeo Igarashi

Paper Hover Widgets: Using the Tracking State to Extend the Capabilities of Pen-Operated Devices
The paper presents Hover Widgets, a new technique for pen-based interfaces using gestures made in the tracking state. We found Hover Widgets to have beneficial qualities in a formal evaluation.
Tovi Grossman
Ken Hinckley
Patrick Baudisch
Maneesh Agrawala
Ravin Balakrishnan

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