26 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Visualization 1

Paper GUESS: A Language and Interface for Graph Exploration
The main contributions of GUESS are a) the design of a domain-specific language for graph exploration and the experience of its design, b) the interactive interpreter which connects visual components to the progammingn environment.
Eytan Adar

Paper The Sandbox for Analysis - Concepts and Evaluation
New sense-making system uses innovative human information interactions and visualizations to provide flexible, expressive thinking environment for analysis. Experiments show it's easy to learn, encourages best practices and saves time.
William Wright
David Schroh
Pascale Proulx
Alex Skaburskis
Brian Cort

Paper Exploring Multivariate Networks with PivotGraph
This paper describes a new visualization technique for a common type of graph structure. We believe it is broadly applicable and a useful complement to current graph visualization methods.
Martin Wattenberg

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