26 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Using Knowledge to Predict and Manage

Paper Responsiveness in Instant Messaging: Predictive Models Supporting Inter-Personal Communication
Describes the successful creation of statistical models that are able to accurately predict users' responsiveness to incoming instant messages, and in particular responsiveness to attempts at initiating a new session.
Daniel Avrahami
Scott Hudson

Paper Leveraging Characteristics of Task Structure to Predict the Cost of Interruption
Contributes a model for predicting the cost of interruption (COI) at subtask boundaries. Systems can use it to predict a more accurate COI, enabling effective decisions about when to interrupt.
Shamsi Iqbal
Brian Bailey

Paper A Goal-Oriented Web Browser
Presents how large scale knowledge bases of semantic information can be leveraged to expand the breadth and functionality of Programming by Example systems and Data Detectors.
Alexander Faaborg
Henry Lieberman

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