26 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Ubiquitous Computing

Note TAP: Touch-And-Play
Describes a system for controlling interaction between intelligent devices using intra-body signaling. Provides designers with a practical and intuitive means of creating ad hoc device networks.
Duck Gun Park
Jin Kyung Kim
Jin Bong Sung
Jung Hwan Hwang
Chang Hee Hyung
Sung Weon Kang

Paper Beyond Record and Play - Backpacks: Tangible Modulators for Kinetic Behavior
Backpacks are physical components that modulate parameters of motion recordings in modular robotic creations, extending the conceptual limits of record-and-play by making tangible some of the benefits of symbolic abstraction.
Hayes Raffle
Amanda Parkes
Hiroshi Ishii
Joshua Lifton

Paper Embedded Phenomena: Using Position-Sensitive Ambient Media to Support Classroom Science Learning [CHI Best Paper]
Describes method and case studies extending ambient media to represent simulated science phenomena in classrooms. Can assist designers in development of classroom learning environments and activities supporting science inquiry.
Tom Moher

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