26 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00
Experience Reports

Managing Design

Managing international usability projects: Cooperative strategy
Managing international usability teams using cooperative strategy, particularly the setup and data analysis.
Lada Gorlenko
Sven Krause

When Design Is Not the Problem - Better Usability Through Non-Design Means
In shipping quality software, design is not the hard part. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, design impact can instead be made through non-design means: technology, organizational, legal, marketing, documentation/QA, and development tools.
Luke Kowalski
Jeremy Ashley
Misha Vaughan

In search of end-users
In order to learn from end-users we need to find end-users to collaborate with. However, finding end-users can be the hardest part of a project.
Rachel K. E. Bellamy
Tracee Vetting Wolf
Rhonda Rosenbaum

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