26 April 2006
9:00 - 10:30

Add a dash of interface: Taking mash-ups to the next level

Mashups traditionally consisted of the fusion of two or more data sources to create a new proposition.

Ben Metcalfe (backstage.bbc.co.uk) and Bret Taylor (Google) will introduce how the remix community is going to take mashups to the next level - by combing data sources with your leading standards interfaces to produce consumer-friendly mash-ups.

Find out why extendable interfaces and open design patterns are a welcome addition to Web2.0 to the community.

Ben Metcalfe is the Project Lead of backstage.bbc.co.uk, the BBC's developer network. Before helping to create backstage, Ben was a software engineer on the award winning BBC News Website. He has also been a member of the BBC's New Media Accessibility Working Group and is a strong advocate for user-centred design processes. Ben blogs at http://benmetcalfe.com/blog/

Bret Taylor is the Product Manager for Google Maps. He joined Google in early 2003 and has managed a number of products, including Google Local, Google's web search infrastructure, and Search Quality. Prior to Google, Bret worked as a software engineer at Reactivity, a startup incubator in Silicon Valley. Bret holds an MS and BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Ben Metcalfe, BBC, UK
Bret Taylor, Google, USA
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