27 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Loving Me Loving You

I Just Clicked To Say I Love You: Rich Evaluations of Minimal Communication
Describes a method for developing an in-depth understanding of a subject's technology use. Studies five couples in long-distance relationships and their use of a simple technology design to transmit intimacy.
Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye

ComSlipper: An Expressive Design to Support Awareness and Availability
An emotionally rich communication device that supports showing presence and availability. Can help the user to initiate a socially appropriate conversation, and ultimately, enhance the quality of computer-mediated relationships.
Chun-Yi Chen
Jodi Forlizzi
Pamela Jennings

Drinking Interfaces as New Communication Channels
We suggest a new kind of communication channel, social drinking interactions, and test its potential in remote communications.
Hyemin Chung
Chia-Hsun Jackie Lee

AuraOrb: Using Social Cues in the Design of a Progressive Notification Appliance
Discusses the design of a ambient notification appliance that implements progressive notification techniques through the use of eye contact sensing.
Mark Altosaar
Roel Vertegaal
Changuk Sohn
Daniel Cheng

Step User Interfaces: An Exploration
Formative evaluation of novel step user interfaces to encourage physical movement and promote enjoyment while completing real world tasks. Provides design considerations for step user interfaces.
Brian Meyers
A.J. Brush
Steve Drucker

The Affective Remixer: Personalized Music Arrangiing
This project contributes to affective computing and music analysis to enhance the listening experience. The research will assist in the understanding the dynamics of emotional state transition.
G. Scott Vercoe
Jae-woo Chung

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