25 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Information Handling

Paper Mobile Phones and Paper Documents: Evaluating A New Approach for Capturing Microfinance Data in Rural India
Description and evaluation of a novel mobile interface for collecting data from rural microfinance groups in India. Demonstrates that mobile phones, with an appropriate UI, are viable for rural computing.
Tapan S. Parikh
Paul Javid
Kaushik Ghosh
Sasi Kumar
Kentaro Toyama

Paper Handling Documents and Discriminating Objects in Hybrid Spaces
This paper suggests implications for the design of collaborative systems such as enhanced video-mediated communication systems and for the understanding of the conduct to be supported by such technologies.
Paul Luff
Christian Heath
Hideaki Kuzuoka
Keiichi Yamazaki
Jun Yamashita

Paper ButterflyNet: A Mobile Capture and Access System for Field Biology Research
Introduces techniques for enriching field biologists' paper notes through automatic capture, correlation with other data sources, and transformation. Reports on current practice, system implementation, and evaluation with field biologists.
Ron Yeh
Chunyuan Liao
Scott Klemmer
François Guimbretière
Brian Lee
Boyko Kakaradov
Jeannie Stamberger
Andreas Paepcke

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