25 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Automatic Generation and Usability

Paper UNIFORM: Automatically Generating Consistent Remote Control User Interfaces
This paper describes Uniform, the first system to automatically generate consistent remote control user interfaces from models of appliances that are guaranteed not to be consistent.
Jeffrey Nichols
Brad A. Myers
Brandon Rothrock

Paper Generating Automated Predictions of Behavior Strategically Adapted to Specific Performance Objectives [Best of CHI Nominee]
Describes a novel modeling capability to generate multiple predictions of strategic performance by manipulating an objective function (speed / working memory load). Supports affordable interface and procedure modeling for designers.
Katherine Eng
Lewis Richard L.
Tollinger Irene
Chu Alina
Howes Andrew
Vera Alonso

Paper Automated Summative Usability Studies: An Empirical Evaluation
Empirical evaluation of a method for automating summative usability studies and conducting them remotely. Offers practitioners an affordable way to conduct summative studies remotely and describes the trade-offs compared to manual lab testing.
Ryan West
Katherine Lehman

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