25 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00
Experience Reports

Real-World Design Solutions

Café Life in the Digital Age: Augmenting Information Flow in a Café-work-entertainment Space
In this paper we describe our installation of a large-screen public, interactive community board, the eyeCanvas, in a neighbourhood café and art gallery in San Francisco.
Elizabeth Churchill
Les Nelson
Gary Hsieh

The Design of a Tangible Interaction Device to Alleviate Anxiety and Pain in Paediatric Burns Patients
This paper presents a case study of the design of a unique tangible media device to alleviate anxiety and pain in paediatric burns patients.
Sam Bucolo
Roy Kimble
Jonathan Mott

Use of Keyboard for Mouseless Data Entry in UI Design
In the airline industry, mouseless operation is a standard form of user interface design. The presented design solution relies on a particular configuration of commands mapped to specific keys of the keyboard.
Rachel Nilsson
Sam Racine

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