25 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00


Paper Why Phishing Works
This paper provides the first empirical evidence about phishing strategies that successfully deceive users. To design systems that protect users from fraudulent websites, we must understand how users are deceived.
Rachna Dhamija
J. D. Tygar
Marti Hearst

Paper Secrecy, Flagging, and Paranoia: Adoption Criteria in Encrypted Email
Qualitative study analyzing why encrypted e-mail has failed to gain popularity and demonstrating how social norms affect adoption. Can assist designers incorporate social context in secure e-mail clients.
Shirley Gaw
Edward Felten
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly

Paper Do Security Toolbars Actually Prevent Phishing Attacks? [Best of CHI Nominee]
User study showing that security toolbars are not effective at preventing people from being tricked by fake websites. Can assist in developing usable software to protect people's online identity.
Min Wu
Robert Miller
Simson Garfinkel

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