25 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Visualization and Search

Paper The Effect of Speech Recognition Accuracy Rates on the Usefulness and Usability of Webcast Archives [Best of CHI Nominee]
Study investigating on effects of the accuracy of transcripts obtained through speech recognition on webcast archives' usefulness and usability. Can assist designers in enhancing webcast interfaces by integrating text transcripts.
Cosmin Munteanu
Ronald Baecker
Gerald Penn
Elaine Toms
David James

Paper Visual Search and Reading Tasks Using ClearType and Regular Displays: Two Experiments
Two experiments tested reading of digital documents with ClearType display enhancement. Contributes to readability research by demonstrating speed improvements for different ways users work online (scanning versus reading for meaning).
Andrew Dillon
Lisa Kleinman
Gil Ok Choi
Randolph Bias

Note Using Hybrid Networks for the Analysis of Online Communities
Describes method for visualizing heterogeneus networks of users, digital artifacts, and relationships, integrating multiple data sources. Supports analysts of role and work patterns in online communities.
Yevgeniy "Eugene" Medynskiy
Nicolas Ducheneaut
Ayman Farahat

Note Visualization of Large Hierarchical Data by Circle Packing
Describes a novel approach for tree visualization using nested circles. Offers widget designers an alternative to tree-maps with improved visual properties (aspect ratio and hierarchy).
WeiXin Wang
HongAn Wang
GuoZhong Dai
S. H. Lo

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