25 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Text Input

Note An intuitive text input method for touch wheels
This paper introduces a method for using language knowledge to improve text entry speed. The method is transparent for the user and does not require any extra user interaction.
Morten Proschowsky
Nette Schultz
Niels Ebbe Jacobsen

Note A New Error Metric for Alphabetically Constrained Keypad Designs with Extended Character Sets
Describes a new metric for text entry error analysis that uses the complete keypress input stream. Can assist designers in better understanding how users input text using a given interface.
Jun Gong
Peter Tarasewich

Note Text Entry Using a Dual Joystick Game Controller
Presents a new bimanual text entry technique designed for today's dual-joystick game controllers. The technique is readily learnable and provides strong performance benefits over traditional onscreen selection keyboards.
Andrew Wilson
Maneesh Agrawala

Paper Trackball Text Entry for People with Motor Impairments [CHI Best Paper]
Presents a novel text entry method designed specifically for trackballs. Helps motor-impaired users to enter text with mnemonic, Roman-like gestures significantly faster than with on-screen keyboards.
Jacob Wobbrock
Brad Myers

Note Few-key Text Entry Revisited: Mnemonic Gestures on Four Keys
Presents a gestural text entry method that uses only four keys, and compares it to predominant few-key methods. Has implications for mobile device design, mobile text entry, and wearable computing.
Jacob Wobbrock
Brad Myers
Brandon Rothrock

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