25 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Meet the Artists: Music, Dance, and Painting

Magic Asian Art
Presents a system that lets viewers of a painting influence its contents dynamically, using gaze tracking, object movement models, and Asian-style rendering. Can make art viewing a more interactive experience.
Eunkwang Park
William Salim
Adrian David Cheok

iSymphony: An Adaptive Interactive Orchestral Conducting System for Digital Audio and Video Streams
Presents an interactive exhibit that recognizes different conducting gestures and time-stretches a digital recording accordingly in real time. Lets users conduct audio-visual orchestral recordings while adapting to their skill level.
Eric Lee
Henning Kiel
Saskia Dedenbach
Ingo Gruell
Thorsten Karrer
Marius Wolf
Jan Borchers

Virtual Rap Dancer: Invitation to Dance
Presents a system that displays a virtual avatar dancing to the beat of incoming music or human dance movements. Uses captured styles of various rap dancers to generate its moves.
Dennis Reidsma
Anton Nijholt
Ronald Poppe
Rutger Rienks
Hendri Hondorp

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