25 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Designing for Tangible Interactions

Paper Getting a grip on tangible interaction: a framework on physical space and social interaction
We introduce a framework that contributes to understanding the (social) user experience of tangible interaction and provides concepts aiding analysis and design.
Eva Hornecker
Jacob Buur

Paper Finding designing qualities in a tangible programming space [Best of CHI Nominee]
Through experimental designs we contribute to the understanding of the design of tangible programming tools for children. We specifically address how to support children's collaborative construction of screen-based systems.
Ylva Fernaeus
Jakob Tholander

Paper Design Requirements for Physical Activity-Enabling Technologies
Presents design requirements for technology to encourage physical activity and fitness derived from an in situ pilot study. Can prevent designers and developers from overlooking key elements of fitness-enabling technologies.
Sunny Consolvo
Katherine M. Everitt
Ian Smith
James A. Landay

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