25 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Games and Performances

Paper Alone Together? Exploring the Social Dynamics of Massively Multiplayer Online Games [Best of CHI Nominee]
Reports on longitudinal analysis of play and grouping patterns in one of the largest massively multiplayer online games. Offers guidelines for the design of future games and online social spaces.
Nicolas Ducheneaut
Nicholas Yee
Eric Nickell
Robert J. Moore

Paper Interweaving Mobile Games With Everyday Life [Best of CHI Nominee]
The first detailed study of a mobile multiplayer game, showing how people fit it into their everyday lives and took advantage of the game's exposure of ubicomp infrastructure.
Marek Bell
Matthew Chalmers
Louise Barkhuus
Malcolm Hall
Scott Sherwood
Barry Brown
Duncan Rowland
Steve Benford
Alastair Hampshire
Mauricio Capra

Paper Designing for the Opportunities and Risks of Staging Digital Experiences in Public Settings
Studying a touring mixed-reality performance reveals how designers exploit opportunities and manage risks associated with blurring the boundaries of public interaction, inspiring proposals for extending design frameworks for spectator interfaces.
Steve Benford
Andy Crabtree
Stuart Reeves
Jennifer Sheridan
Alan Dix

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