25 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Understanding Programs and Interfaces

Paper Evaluating a Fisheye View of Source Code
Describes a fisheye view for supporting programmers' navigation and understanding based on both syntactic and sematic relations in programs. The fisheye view signicantly improves task completion times and satisfaction.
Mikkel Jakobsen
Kasper Hornbæk

Paper Barista: Enabling New Interaction Techniques and Visualizations for Structured Code Editors
Toolkit that enables the creation of structured code editors with visualizations, annotations and alternative views embedded in code. Helps editor designers explore new tools not possible with textual code editors.
Andrew Ko
Brad Myers

Paper Answering Why and Why Not Questions in User Interfaces
The new 'Why' interaction techniques can significantly help people understand what their user interfaces are doing, increasing learning, productivity, etc.
Brad Myers
David Weitzman
Andrew Ko
Duen Chau

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