25 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00

Interaction Methods

Paper symSpline: Symmetric Two-Handed Spline Manipulation
This paper describes a new interaction technique for manipulating splines that uses dual mice and dual cursors. An experiment shows that symSpline outperforms other techniques in a spline matching task.
Celine Latulipe
Stephen Mann
Craig Kaplan
Charlie Clarke

Paper Effects of Feedback, Mobility and Index of Difficulty on Deictic Spatial Audio Target Acquisition in the Horizontal Plane
Deictic acquisition of feedback marked 3D-audio targets is effective in standing and mobile situations without increasing workload, users maintaining 73% of their walking speed. Mobility degrades interaction performance by 20%.
Georgios Marentakis
Stephen Brewster

Note Prototyping Retractable String-Based Interaction Techniques for Dual-Display Mobile Devices
Introduces a novel interaction method based on retractable strings with embedded linear displays. Provides end-users and designers with an expressive but mechanically simple I/O method for small devices.
Gabor Blasko
Chandra Narayanaswami
Steven Feiner

Note Enhancing Human-Machine Interactions: Virtual Interface Alteration through Wearable Computers
Presents a system enabling the virtual augmentation of real-world appliance interfaces. Provides designers with a means of helping end-users to navigate appliance interfaces more efficiently.
Alexandre Plouznikoff
Nicolas Plouznikoff
Jean-Marc Robert
Michel Desmarais

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