25 April 2006
11:30 - 13:00
Experience Reports

End to End Design

The Experience Engineering Framework Applied in Two Contexts
Analysis of existing User-centered Design methods revealed an underlying common framework consisting of three components and three principles. It is named the Experience Engineering Framework (EEF) and two applications of EEF are discussed.
Rick Spencer
Monty Hammontree
Donna Wallace

Theatre as an intermediary between users and CHI designers
Through a theatre, including professional actors, scriptwriters and artistic directors, it is possible to do requirements gathering, usability testing and communicate the results of such work to the design community, or individual designers.
Alan F. Newell
M. E. Morgan
Peter Morgan
Alex Carmichael

Phases of Use: A means to identify factors that influence product utilization
A very easy to use product that exactly fits the tasks of the users is no guarantee that the product will be a success. The users must be aware of the product, be seduced to try it, learn the product, and change their behaviour to imbed the product in their daily lives.
Karin den Bouwmeester
Edward Bosma

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