24 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Managing Voice Input

Paper The Benefits of Augmenting Telephone Voice Menu Navigation with Visual Browsing and Search
A set of experiments demonstrating that telephone voice menu navigation can be significantly improved with a visual channel augmentation, resulting in both human performance improvement and user experience satisfaction.
Min Yin
Shumin Zhai

Paper Time is of the Essence: An Evaluation of Temporal Compression Algorithms [Best of CHI Nominee]
We evaluate novel techniques for accessing speech recordings, developing a new evaluation method. Users prefer and perform better with excision that removes unimportant speech, than with standard speedup techniques.
Simon Tucker
Steve Whittaker

Paper SCANMail: Error Correction in Voicemail Transcripts
Describes a system that generates text transcripts of voicemail messages, and an empirical evaluation of transcript error correction. Users can skim, archive, and retrieve voicemail transcripts from mobile devices.
Moira Burke
Brian Amento
Philip Isenhour

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