24 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Multidisplay Environments

Paper Perspective Cursor: Perspective-based Interaction for Multi-display Environments
We present Perspective Cursor, a technique that uses a mouse and the user's perspective for multi-display interaction. We show through a user study that Perspective Cursor is better than existing alternatives.
Miguel Nacenta
Samer Sallam
Bernard Champoux
Sriram Subramanian
Carl Gutwin

Paper Improving Selection of Off-Screen Targets with Hopping
Introduces Hop, a technique for selecting off-screen targets that combines halos and proxies. A study showed that hopping is faster than either zooming or panning, and is strongly preferred
Pourang Irani
Carl Gutwin
Xing Dong Yang

Paper Effects of Display Position and Control Space Orientation on User Preference and Performance
Two experiments that explore the impact of display space position and input control space orientation on users' subjective preference and objective performance. Provide guidelines as to optimal display placement and control orientation in collaborative computing environments with one or more shared displays.
Daniel Wigdor
Chia Shen
Clifton Forlines
Ravin Balakrishnan

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