24 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Personal Information Management

Paper Fast, Flexible Filtering with Phlat - Personal Search and Organization Made Easy [Best of CHI Nominee]
We describe the design and deployment of a new UI for searching personal information. The interface encourages fast, intuitive query iteration and includes a unified tagging system for personal content.
Edward Cutrell
Daniel Robbins
Susan Dumais
Raman Sarin

Note The Project Fragmentation Problem in Personal Information Management
Identifies a usability problem associated with the fact that users sometimes store documents related to a project in different directories based on the format of the documents. A new solution is presented to improve usability.
Ofer Bergman
Ruth Beyth-Marom
Rafi Nachmias

Paper To Have and to Hold: Exploring the Personal Archive
Describes a study of 48 academics' personal archives, highlights their rationales behind archiving: 'finding it later', legacy, sharing, confronting fears, identity construction. Describes how this affects archive structure and function.
Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye
Janet Vertesi
Shari Avery
Allan Dafoe
Shay David
Lisa Onaga
Ivan Rosero
Trevor Pinch

Note Peripheral Display of Digital Handwritten Notes
Describes the development and initial testing of a peripheral display supporting digital handwritten notes. Guides designers in balancing serendipity with the costs of ambient display.
Gary Hsieh
Kenneth Wood
Abigail Sellen

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