24 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

End User Programming

Paper Tinkering and gender in end-user programmers' debugging
Investigates males' and females' tinkering (feature 'playfulness') in end-user debugging environments. Our results show that tinkering, reflection, and self-efficacy combine to impact debugging effectiveness differently for each gender.
Laura Beckwith
Cory Kissinger
Margaret Burnett
Susan Wiedenbeck
Joseph Lawrance
Alan Blackwell
Curtis Cook

Paper An Evaluation of Using Programming by Demonstration and Guided Walkthrough Techniques for Authoring and Utilizing Documentation [Best of CHI Nominee]
Describes and evaluates combining programming-by-demonstration and guided walkthrough techniques to create live documentation. Enables more efficient and accurate creation and consumption of documentation than traditional tools.
Madhu Prabaker
Lawrence Bergman
Vittorio Castelli

Paper Providing Support for Adaptive Scripting in an On-Line Collaborative Learning Environment [Best of CHI Nominee]
Provides motivation and support for exploring issues related to structuring productive group dynamics in collaborative e-learning environment. The authors experimentally evaluate mechanisms for enhancing collaborative learning interactions.
Gahgene Gweon
Carolyn Rose
Zachary Zaiss
Carey Regan

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