24 April 2006
16:30 - 18:00

Design is Fun and People are Great

Designing the Reactive Playground: Benefits and Drawbacks of Adding Digital Technology to Outdoor Play Environments
Explores the benefits and drawbacks of integrating digital technologies into outdoor playgrounds. Presents new prototypes, a participatory design process, and field observations. Frames future HCI work on computationally enhanced playgrounds.
Susanne Seitinger
Elisabeth Sylvan
Oren Zuckerman
Marko Popovic
Orit Zuckerman

Tokyo Youth at Leisure: Towards the Design of Media to Support Planning and Engaging in Leisure Activities
A large project explored leisure practices and resources--including mobile phones and other media--of Tokyo young adults. Findings will help inform the design of future leisure support technologies.
Diane Schiano
Ame Elliot
Victoria Bellotti

RoomBugs: Simulating Insect Infestations in Elementary Classrooms using Commodity Hardware
This paper examines the creation of an embedded simulation inside a classroom. Using minimal instrumentation we attempt to create a rich environment useful for student scientific observation and manipulation.
Michael Barron
Tom Moher

The Orbital Browser: Composing Ubicomp Services Using Only Rotation and Selection
Presents the design of a novel user interface to control large networks of devices using only two operations: rotation and selection.
Nicolas Ducheneaut
Trevor F. Smith
James "Bo" Begole
Mark W. Newman
Chris Beckmann

Quill: A Narrative-Based Interface for Personal Document Retrieval
We present a novel interaction paradigm, narrative-based interfaces, usable for information retrieval. We describe the Quill system: soundly designed, based on user studies, it uses narratives to retrieve personal documents.
Daniel Gonçalves
Joaquim Jorge

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