24 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Interaction Techniques: Haptic and Gestural

Paper A role for Haptics in Mobile Interaction: Intitial Design Using a Handheld Tactile Display Prototype [CHI Best Paper]
Describes principled process applying haptics to mobile interaction needs, including scenarios, a new device and its perceptual characterization. Provides insight into appropriate mappings between technology and application roles.
Joseph Luk
Jérôme Pasquero
Shannon Little
Karon MacLean
Vincent Lévesque
Vincent Hayward

Paper The Springboard: Multiple Modes in One Spring-loaded Control
Contributes Springboard technique and experiment that underscores why it is difficult to design local marking menus that can beat round-trips to a tool palette at the edge of the screen.
Ken Hinckley
François Guimbretière
Patrick Baudisch
Raman Sarin
Maneesh Agrawala

Paper The GlobeFish and the GlobeMouse: Two New Six Degree of Freedom Input Devices for Graphics Applications
Describes two new 6-DOF input devices for graphics applications and a user study. The devices are shown to perform better than the SpaceMouse and subjective data confirms these results.
Bernd Froehlich
Jan Hochstrate
Verena Skuk
Anke Huckauf

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