24 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

Participatory Design

Paper "LINC-ing" the Family: The Participatory Design of an Inkable Family Calendar [Best of CHI Nominee]
Describes the participatory design of an inkable family calendar for the home in an effort to address family coordination problems. Presents key implications for the design of family coordination systems.
Carman Neustaedter
A.J. Bernheim Brush

Paper Participatory Design with Proxies: Developing a Desktop-PDA System to Support People with Aphasia
A novel system to aid people with aphasia was developed via participatory design with therapists as surrogates for the primary audience and highlights the unique information gleaned from ethnographic interviewing.
Jordan Boyd-Graber
Sonya Nikolova
Karyn Moffatt
Kenrick Kin
Joshua Lee
Lester Mackey
Marilyn Tremaine
Maria Klawe

Paper Participatory Design in Emergency Medical Service: Designing for Future Practice
Results of a participatory design process for emergency medical service address future practice and challenges of designing for major incidents
Margit Kristensen
Morten Kyng
Leysia Palen

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