24 April 2006
14:30 - 16:00

PDA's, Space Invaders, and Chickens: Mobility and Collaboration

Age Invaders: Social and Physical Inter-Generational Family Entertainment
Proposes a game in which children play with their grandparents while parents participate remotely over the net. Suggests a way to close generational gaps in society and connect distributed families.
Eng Tat Khoo
Shang Ping Lee
Adrian David Cheok
Sameera Kodagoda

mSpace Mobile: a UI Gestalt to Support On-the-Go Info-Interaction
Demonstrates seven interaction techniques for mobile devices built around a focus+context viewer that rearranges web content. Enables users on the move to rapidly search information and explore compound query results.
m.c. schraefel
Max Wilson
Alistair Russel
Daniel A. Smith

Poultry.Internet: A Remote Human-Pet Interaction System
Presents a system that forwards touch information from a doll to a distant pet wearing a jacket, and feeds back pet movements. Allows humans to connect to their pets remotely.
Keng Soon Teh
Shang Ping Lee
Adrian David Cheok

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